WWE Cruiserweight Classic Recap


WWE Cruiserweight Classic Recap

I have been watching the WWE Cruiserweight Classic on the WWE Network since its first week. It is one of those shows that really got my attention, from the opening match all the way to the finale. All, and I mean all, of the matches were good, and a lot of them were great as well. To watch every single match of the tournament, to be emotionally invested with guys who doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of the typical WWE Main Event level talent, is something only die-hard fans could understand.

To see veterans like The Brian Kendrick and Tajiri get back to the limelight. HHH basically giving a contract to Cedric Alexander after an amazing, the exploits of Jack Gallagher, Gran Metalik’s surprise run to the finals and many more!

Everybody thought that it would be Kota Ibushi vs Zack Sabre Jr in the finals, with Kota winning at all. But the WWE threw a curveball; perhaps because Kota and Zack didn’t sign with the company and eventually, the tournament was for the belt. My mind said Kota over Zack in the finals, but my heart said TJ Perkins. And damn, even though it caused me so much pain in the past, I decided to follow my heart once again, and this time, it was the right decision.

Congratulations TJ Perkins! The winner of the 1st WWE Cruiserweight Classic! The New WWE Cruiserweight champion of the World! And what a speech by him afterwards, where he shared his trials, how he overcame it, and how he shared his success to everyone in the CWC, how he shared it to the other 31 competitors, truly, a champion we can all be proud of! And I love what HHH said to him during the Championship photo shoot. HHH jokingly asked him if he has plans during Monday Nights. Perkins said, no, wrestling is my life. What a great answer by the face of the Cruiserweight Division of the New Era. Laban Pilpinas! Puso!



WWE Live in Manila Results and Analysis

WWE Live in Manila Results and Analysis

Finally! After 7 years, the WWE finally had a Manila House show! Last decade, the WWE had 5 Araneta House Shows. The first 4 were pretty much jampacked. The last one; was not, and perhaps that affected why it took a while for them to return. But judging b the huge crowd that filled the first ever WWE in MOA event, the WWE just might go back soon.

Cesaro defeated Sheamus via submission

Prediction: Correct

The England house show a few days prior was part of the best of 7 series, but this match was not. It was a very good opening match. Cesaro was very much over with the crowd and Sheamus played a solid heel. In the end, Sheamus tapped out to the sharpshooter, making the Philippines chapter of the Cesaro section happy.

Braun Strowmann defeated Goldust

Prediction: Correct

This was not the usual quick jobber match that Braun got used to the last couple of RAW’s since the brand extension of the New Era. Braun was forced to compete, learn and improve, which is the idea of the house shows anyways especially for the newer, greener guys. Goldust can still go, and I believe putting him in house shows like this, to elevate the performance of the newer guys, is best for business.

Neville defeated Curtis Axel (with Bo Dallas)

Prediction: I did predict a Neville win

This was supposed to be against Bo but there was a change of plans, perhaps they just want to reserve Bo for the China card the day after the Manila card. Which was fine by me, at least I heard Axel’s music, which is a remix of his dad, Mr. Perfect’s music. That Neville finisher was a thing of beauty! You need mid-carders like Neville, who can put up an entertaining match, especially for RAW which is a 3-hour show.

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Club and The Shining Stars in a Triple-Threat match to retain the title

The New Day came out and the crowd exploded! They were very over with the crowd. They worked they usual magic. Not much reaction from the Puerto Ricans, but the New Japan guys got a huge reaction as well, as the crowd made too sweet signs and chanted Bullet Club. It was a pretty good match, but it could have been better if instead of the Shining Stars, we had Enzo and Cass instead.

John Cena defeated Big Show

Prediction: Correct

The champ is here! The face that runs the place made his much anticipated Manila return. I was surprised they put this on midcard, I was expecting this to be the co-main event. The crowd got excited when the Big Show’s music glared in the arena, knowing what the next match is. And I had goosebumps when Cena came out! The crowd was chanting John Cena sucks, Let’s go Cena and Cena sucks! Of course, that match will always be remembered for the Big Show destroying the middle ropes, which cause an intermission after their match. But being veterans, they know what to do. Seeing Cena AA Show live is a sight indeed!

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks to retain her title

Prediction: Correct

They aired vignettes through the night to hype this title match. It was still a pretty good match, but the standards had been set so high from the 4-horsewomen. Charlotte needed the ropes to get a dirty pin. Both Women were so over with the crowd, and I love how Charlotte used one of her dad’s signature exaggerated bumps.

Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho

Prediction: Correct

The crowd roared when Y2J’s music exploded, then the crowd got so excited when he grabbed. And boy did Jericho delivered as always. He is the greatest gago of all time! And that duterte chant was magic! He played the master heel in this match. This was a very good match, a very good house show co-main event match. Thank you Y2J for giving us the gift of Jericho, Manila drank it in!

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn to retain his title

Prediction: Correct

What a main event! What a great match, the Championship of the Universe defended in Manila! Seth Rollins went out first, and I stood up to applaud the best wrestler in the world today. The crowd went nuts for the architect! Then Zayn went out, and the crowd hummed along to his hymn. Then finally, for the first time ever, Manila saw the Championship of the Universe. Three former NXT Champions, fighting for the Universal title, in Manila, what a time to be alive! The first offense of the match is a beautiful dive by Seth towards Owens, who was outside. This was an outstanding match. After Owens pinned his rival Zayn, he tried to beat him up more. But Rollins saved the day and delivered the pedigree. Rollins and Zayn shook hands and the nigh ended with Zayn saying goodbye to the crowd. It was surreal to see Rollins play the good guy baby face role, it would be interesting how character develops in the actual storyline.

Overall, this was a great show. And the crowd had a great time. Thank you WWE!


WWE Backlash predictions

WWE Backlash Predictions

It is the first brand specific PPV of the New Era, as SmackDown presents Backlash. All Smackdown titles are on the line, including the inaugural Smackdown Women’s and Tag team championships.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Semi-Finals

The Usos vs The Hype Bros

Winner: The Usos

With the then heavily favored American Alpha suffered an injury, this match became a replacement semi-final match. With the Uso’s turning heel, I believe they will win this match, because the team that is already in the finals is a face team.

Finals of the Smackdown tag team championship tournament

Heath Slater and Rhyno will win the tag team championship

The stage is set. They are over with the crowd; Heath is over with the crowd. Heath and Rhyno will win the title and Heath will get the contract!

6-pack Challenge for the Women’s championship

Winner: Eva Marie

Hear me out. What if, they lift the suspension; insert Eva in the match, then wins the title, just to get heel heat? That would be a great storyline!

Intercontinental Championship Match

Champion The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler

Winner: The Miz

The never-ending #MayForever Intercontinental championship tour continues for the Miz. I think Dolph will eventually snap and turn heel, he needs to reboot his character, the “Mid-carder that the IWC thinks should be a main eventer but slowly the IWC is turning” that is both a gimmick and a reality, might be in need of a reshape.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

Winner: Randy Orton

Once again, Bray is in a position where he will job to a bigger star. They can’t afford Orton to lose again after losing to Lesnar last Summerslam (and Orton will lose again in a house show, yes, a house show, to Lesnar soon).

WWE World Championship Match

Champion Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles

Winner: AJ Styles and new WWE World Champion

After beating John Cena clean and winning that feud (for now), it is time for AJ to finally win his 1st World title in the WWE. All the years of being the big fish in several small ponds, it is time for Styles to be the big fish in the biggest ocean of them all. Can he swim with the sharks? Can he prove that he can hang with the big boys? Can he prove what the IWC has been harping about him for the past 15 years, that he is the best, period. Only one way to find out!


Preview: WWE Live in Manila 2016, MOA Arena

WWE Live in Manila 2016,Mall of Asia Arena Predictions

This is it! We are just a few days away from the first WWE Live event in the Philippines since the not so well received Smackdown/ECW show last 2009. Hopefully, this show can draw the crowd, maybe not as much as the RAW event then the Smackdown Araneta events during the mid 2000s; but enough for the WWE to come back soon, perhaps NXT next year? This card is basically a RAW card, plus the face that runs the place, John Cena.

Neville vs Bo Dallas with Curtis Axel

Winner: Neville

Neville needs to hit his finisher to make this match meaningful. A random curtain jerker house show match.

Braun Strowman vs Goldust

Winner: Braun Strowman

This match is a late addition, and not a bad addition at all. Seeing Braun live would be pretty cool, even from all the way up from the General Admission. Expect this to be a squash match, but not as quick as his RAW squash match with local jobbers. It would be cool to see Goldust as well, a remnant of the Attitude Era.

Cesaro vs Sheamus

Winner: Cesaro

This is not part of their best of 7 series, right? We are not sure about the level of seriousness of Cesaro’s injury, but that might affect the quality of this match.

WWE Women’s Champion Match

Champion Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

Winner: Charlotte

Again, Banks is nursing an injury, so it might affect the quality match. A potential (atleast) 4-star match might be adjusted to a “safer match because it is a foreign house show anyways”. Hopefully, even with the perceived limitations, they can pull out a match that is the caliber of a 4-horsewoman match against one another.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Champions The New Day vs The Club vs The Shining Stars

Winner: The New Day

How about The New Day drops the belt to the Club, then the take it back in Japan during the Club’s homecoming. Or the Club takes the title in a European house show a few days before the Asian tour; then the New Day gets the betls back in Manila (or China). Imagine the possibilities. I have no idea why they included the Shooting stars whatever they call themselves. They should have included Enzo and Cass instead! And you can’t teach that! This match might be SAWFT!

Roman Reigns vs Chris Jericho

Winner: Roman Reigns

I’m not a bad guy, I’m not a good guy, I’m a mid-card guy! Thanks to the change in storylines, Roman has been indeed relegated to mid-card for this tour instead of main eventing it. I can’t wait for Jericho to grab the mic and call us Stupid idiots! Quiet!

John Cena vs The Big Show

Winner: John Cena

This match was also not included in the original card, but it is a welcome sight for the biggest star of the post-attitude era to return to Manila. I guess Show will be the heel for this match. These 2 guys are actually not part of any stories right now. A house show match indeed. An FU, I mean an AA, to the World’s Largest Athlete would be nice.

WWE Championship of the Universe Match

Champion Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins vs Sami Zayn

Winner: Kevin Owens

The unfortunate injury of Fin Balor and the change in storylines led to this new main event. 3 of the best workers in the business, fighting for the Championship of the Universe, right here, in Manila (Pasay), Philippines! Expect a classic from these three competitors. I can’t believe we live In a world where Kevin Owens will defend the Championship of the Universe Against Seth Rollins AND Sami Zayn!


WWE Summerslam 2016 and Post-Summerslam Raw Results and Analysis

WWE Summerslam 2016 and Post-Summerslam Raw Results and Analysis

JeriKO defeated Enzo and Cass

Prediction: Wrong

A solid and fun opening match. Enzo and Cass are so over with the crowd, it is just plain magic when they grab the mic. They can pretty much say anything and the crowd will eat it up. I just hope they change the Manila card so they can go to the MOA event. With Cass and Kevin Owens in the Universal title picture, it remains to be seen what will happen to this feud.

WWE Women’s Championship Match

Charlotte defeated Women’s Champion Sasha Banks to win the title

Prediction: Wrong

It is shocking for Sasha to have a just a few weeks long reign, but there are rumors of minor injuries from Sasha that she needs to rest from. Another excellent Four Horsewomen match. Hopefully, she will be ok, so that she can also make it to the Manila card. With Bayley showing up on Raw, Bayley just might get pushed to the title picture immediately. A Manila card late addition perhaps!

Intercontinental Championship match

Champion The Miz defeated Apollo Creed… I mean Apollo Crews… to retain his title

Prediction: Correct

When you think of the Intercontinental championship during Summerslam, you think of all the great moments of that belt during the summer. The Ultimate Warrior ending the 15-month reign of the Honky Tonk Man in just a few seconds, Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog in Wembley, HBK vs Razor Ramon Ladder Match part 2, HHH vs The Rock in a ladder match. This match is not one of them. Creed is very raw. I like the Miz but he needs better booking.

AJ Styles defeated John Cena

Prediction: Wrong

Match of the year? No. Match of the weekend? Not really. Match of the night? Hell yeah! AJ Styles and John Cena put up an absolute masterpiece in a truly phenomenal match. Kudos to Cena and the WWE for putting over AJ clean. The face that runs the place, the top dog of the WWE for the past 15 years vs the best wrestler in the world outside of the WWE during the same time period. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champions are now getting their dues in the WWE, imagine that, as AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe all had a memorable SummerSlam Weekend.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Club defeated the New Day via DQ, New Day retains

Prediction: Well, I did predict a victory by the Club…

The Club and the New Day deserves better. The highlight for Anderson and Gallows for the night is the Bullet Club reunion with Styles and Balor, too bad Balor did not too sweet his friends from New Japan.

WWE World Championship Match

Champion Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain his World title

Prediction: Correct

The crowd is already tired halfway through this very long night (halfway through the main card, but you consider the pre-card, and most of them watched NXT Takeover the previous night, so burnout right here). And to put the most prestigious title at midcard, it is very disrespectful, and bad for the blue brand. This was an ok match, but it was supposed to be great, but I feel that this is not the wrestler’s fault. But I think this match solidifies Ziggler, sadly, as a mid-carder, a mid-carder loved (is he still loved?) by the IWC who demands he belongs in the main event. And Dean, I love Dean, but with the way things are going, he might just lose the strap to AJ very soon, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the brand and the company as a whole.

6 Women SmackDown Tag Team Match

Nikki Bella, Alexa and Natalya defeated Becky, Carmela and Naomi

This was an ok match, I like the way they teased Eva Marie, and the Queen Bee is back!

WWE Universal Championship Match

Finn Ballor defeated Seth Rollins to be the 1st ever WWE Champion of the Universe

Prediction: Correct

Horrible name, horrible belt design, great match. Unfortunately, the crowd hijacked this match, and instead of appreciating the classic, the dream match that was unfolding, they whined about the belt, ruining the experience for everyone. Seth Rollins was clearly hurt in his tweet and Mick Foley did the same on his Facebook page. It was a bold move for the WWE to make Balor the first Universal Champion, and the first man to win a World title in his main roster WWE PPV debut. However, during the match, Balor got injured for real, and he vacated the belt the next night on RAW, making him the clear favorite to win the Royal Rumble 2017. Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Big Cass vs Kevin Owens for the vacant Universal title next week on RAW. I am hoping for a KO victory, or a huge turn with Cass as champ would be cool as well.

United States Champion Rusev and Roman Reigns fought to a no contest

The match never officially started and Reigns just destroyed Rusev. However, due to Balor’s injury, this feud was put on hold, for now, as Reigns is back in the main event picture, for now. Let us wait and see what happens next.

Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Orton via TKO

Prediction: Wrong

This sends a wrong message, have a part timer destroy the second biggest star of the post-attitude era in the second biggest night of the year in the main event. And what’s up with the potato elbow shots? This is not MMA. This is professional wrestling. We want to see a professional wrestling match. Please step down Vince and let HHH take over for real!

The Manila card would have changes for sure, pending the results of next week’s Universal championship match. I want to live in a world where Kevin Owens battles Sami Zayn for a 5-star Universal title match classic and a 5-star triple threat match between the raw 4 Horse Women for the Women’s title, right here, in Manila (well Pasay), Philippines!


WWE NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2: results and analysis

WWE NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2: Results and Analysis

Austin Aries defeated No Way Jose

Prediction: Correct

A very good opening match between the greatest man that ever lived and the fun loving No Way Jose! Jose proved that he can be serious and that he can wrestle as he and Austin wrestled a solid, well-received match. This is in New York, so even though Austin is a heel, he was also cheered. After the match, Hideo Itami showed up, and delivered a GTS to Austin to set up the next feud.

Ember Moon defeated Bilie Kay

Prediction: Correct

A good way to showcase the new comer, as she hit a great finisher that had social media buzzing! With the impending graduation of Bayley, Moon just might get pushed to the title scene sooner than later.

Bobby Roode defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas

Prediction: Correct

What a glorious debut! That entrance, the entrance music, beautiful, just damn beautiful! And that robe, it was really a Ric Flair-ish robe, and with Flair watching, he just asked for his robe back. This was another very good match. Much was expected from the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion but Almas proved that he could work as well. But please, give that finisher back to Road Dogg! Roode is a star and should be push to the NXT title scene pretty soon. Almas proved that he can hang with the big boys, and he could be a valuable mid-carder for the time being.

NXT tag team championship match:

NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival defeated Gargano and Ciampa to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

Prediction: Wrong

Where do we start? Another classic tag team match from the Revival! This is old school tag team wrestling, similar to the glory days of the British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation. The story telling, the moves, the ring psychology, how the Revival used the ring, how the challengers gained sympathy and that huge pop with the false finish, this match was a thing of beauty. This is tag team wrestling!

NXT Women’s Championship Match

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka defeated Bayley to retain her title

Prediction: Correct

If this was indeed Bayley’s graduation match, then what a graduation it was! This was another excellent women’s division bout, although not as good as the one’s pitting a 4 horsewoman against another. It is hard to top last year’s Bayley-Sasha Banks classic after all. But this match got the job done, in-ring wise and storyline wise. Such a nice way to end it, with Asuka showing real sportsmanship, acknowledging the contribution of Bayley to the brand, and nice of the 4 horsewoman to have their moment as well! Bayley hugged Sasha and Becky at ringside, who was shown cheering for their friend all through out the match. Charlotte did not sit with them, for kayfabe purposes, which they pretty much broke anyways when Bayley hugged Charlotte as well. Another awesome feel good moment, this is the Women’s evolution!

NXT Championship Match

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated NXT Champion Samoe Joe to win the championship

Prediction: Correct

The violin, the entrance alone just gave me chills, and it gave us the big fight feels! So much feels! Another excellent NXT championship match, another awesome Nakamura PPV match. From a purely in-ring standpoint, was this match as good as his previous big NXT matches? No, but that is only because the standard was set too high, his first match was a match of the year candidate that overshadowed Wrestlemania anyways. The roar of the crowd when Nakamura won the title was fantastic. I hope Joe graduates already; he deserves to be a main roster star very soon.

Overall, another excellent NXT Take Over Show. This is the NXT’s version of Summerslam, and, some would say (sadly) expected, this was better than the actual Summerslam, just like during Wrestlemania weekend. Oh well. NXT is for the hardcore, die-hard fans of the art of professional wrestling!


WWE Summerslam 2016 Predictions:

WWE Summerslam 2016 Predictions:


Game 1 of Best of 7 series


Cesaro vs Sheamus


Winner: Cesaro


Expect this to be a full 7-game series between two very good performers. I guess the WWE has nothing better to show them. Hopefully, the winner can get to the midcard title scene.


Enzo and Cass vs JeriKO


Winner: Enzo and Cass


I wonder if they will let JeriKO be as successful as Jerishow. But as a team, Enzo and Cass need this more.


WWE Tag Team Championship Match


The New Day vs The Club


Winner: The Club wins the Raw World Tag Team Titles


It is time for a new tag champs and the club fits the bill… as the transitional champs before Enzo and Cass wins the straps. I think this is the first PPV title defense of the New Day without Big E and that is just the save face moment that they need.


Women’s Championship


Champion Sasha Banks vs Charlotte


Winner: Sasha Banks


I can’t see a one-month reign for Banks. I am hoping for a classic for this one, then they top that with a better match in Manila!










WWE Intercontinental Championship


Champion The Miz vs Apollo Crews


Winner: The Miz retains


Apollo Creed… I mean Crews; character is still a bit too raw for me. I think the Miz can retain the title. The Miz just needs a good storyline so he can make the Intercontinental title great again.


WWE United States Championship


Champion Rusev vs Roman Reigns


Winner: Roman Reigns new champion


He is not a bad guy. He is not a good guy. He is a mid-card guy! Reigns is now in the mid-card, where he belongs, for now. Remember, after his first couple of reigns as WWE World Champion, CM Punk got relegated back to mid-card, and had an Intercontinental title run as well. So all is not lost for Roman, maybe this is what he needs. And congrats to Rusev and Lana, congrats to Rusev, a true champion! Rusev! Crush!


John Cena vs AJ Styles


Winner: John Cena


Expect Cena to win the trilogy by next month. Hopefully, this ends up as a clean classic, unlike the dirty finish the last time. Nice storyline, indies vs the WWE machinery.


Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton


Winner: Randy Orton


I’m going out of limb for this one and go for Orton. It is time for Lesnar to lose one on one (other than the Undertaker match last year). Orton is credible enough for give Lesnar a loss, and it would rub the UFC/MMA to have a guy who won one of their most controversial matches in recent memory then have him lose in a professional wrestling match after. Take that little Mcgreggor whatever your name is!






WWE Universal Championship


Fin Balor vs Seth Rollins


Winner and the 1st WWE Champion of the Universe, Fin Balor


The WWE finally listened to the IWC and they gave the NXT Icon a shot at the first WWE Universal championship. It is still a dorky name, but it is what it is. I am hoping for an upset here and they might as well push Balor all the way up there. Although the first man to cash in MITB at Wrestlemania, the first man to hold the WWE World and US titles at the same time, just could be the first WWE Universal Champion. Regardless, expect this to be an instant classic, the match of the night and a potential match of the year candidate


WWE World Championship


Champion Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler


Winner: Dean Ambrose


So Dean won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. About a week later, they started calling him the WWE Champion. Then about a week ago, they started calling him the WWE World Champion. Whatever it is called, this is the most prestigious championship in the history of this industry, the original WWE championship. With two world titles, the WWE just wants to drop the heavyweight tag (to push the cruiserweights?) and call one the champion of the World, then the other one as the champion of the universe! This match just might steal the show. It is nice for them to push Dolph to the main event where he belongs but then again, I don’t see Dean dropping the WWE title this soon, and the possibility of 2 shield members holding a world title, and all 3 of them holding a strap when the 2nd biggest event of the year is over, might just further their legacy.