WWE Cruiserweight Classic Recap


WWE Cruiserweight Classic Recap

I have been watching the WWE Cruiserweight Classic on the WWE Network since its first week. It is one of those shows that really got my attention, from the opening match all the way to the finale. All, and I mean all, of the matches were good, and a lot of them were great as well. To watch every single match of the tournament, to be emotionally invested with guys who doesn’t necessarily fit the mold of the typical WWE Main Event level talent, is something only die-hard fans could understand.

To see veterans like The Brian Kendrick and Tajiri get back to the limelight. HHH basically giving a contract to Cedric Alexander after an amazing, the exploits of Jack Gallagher, Gran Metalik’s surprise run to the finals and many more!

Everybody thought that it would be Kota Ibushi vs Zack Sabre Jr in the finals, with Kota winning at all. But the WWE threw a curveball; perhaps because Kota and Zack didn’t sign with the company and eventually, the tournament was for the belt. My mind said Kota over Zack in the finals, but my heart said TJ Perkins. And damn, even though it caused me so much pain in the past, I decided to follow my heart once again, and this time, it was the right decision.

Congratulations TJ Perkins! The winner of the 1st WWE Cruiserweight Classic! The New WWE Cruiserweight champion of the World! And what a speech by him afterwards, where he shared his trials, how he overcame it, and how he shared his success to everyone in the CWC, how he shared it to the other 31 competitors, truly, a champion we can all be proud of! And I love what HHH said to him during the Championship photo shoot. HHH jokingly asked him if he has plans during Monday Nights. Perkins said, no, wrestling is my life. What a great answer by the face of the Cruiserweight Division of the New Era. Laban Pilpinas! Puso!



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