WWE Live in Manila Results and Analysis

WWE Live in Manila Results and Analysis

Finally! After 7 years, the WWE finally had a Manila House show! Last decade, the WWE had 5 Araneta House Shows. The first 4 were pretty much jampacked. The last one; was not, and perhaps that affected why it took a while for them to return. But judging b the huge crowd that filled the first ever WWE in MOA event, the WWE just might go back soon.

Cesaro defeated Sheamus via submission

Prediction: Correct

The England house show a few days prior was part of the best of 7 series, but this match was not. It was a very good opening match. Cesaro was very much over with the crowd and Sheamus played a solid heel. In the end, Sheamus tapped out to the sharpshooter, making the Philippines chapter of the Cesaro section happy.

Braun Strowmann defeated Goldust

Prediction: Correct

This was not the usual quick jobber match that Braun got used to the last couple of RAW’s since the brand extension of the New Era. Braun was forced to compete, learn and improve, which is the idea of the house shows anyways especially for the newer, greener guys. Goldust can still go, and I believe putting him in house shows like this, to elevate the performance of the newer guys, is best for business.

Neville defeated Curtis Axel (with Bo Dallas)

Prediction: I did predict a Neville win

This was supposed to be against Bo but there was a change of plans, perhaps they just want to reserve Bo for the China card the day after the Manila card. Which was fine by me, at least I heard Axel’s music, which is a remix of his dad, Mr. Perfect’s music. That Neville finisher was a thing of beauty! You need mid-carders like Neville, who can put up an entertaining match, especially for RAW which is a 3-hour show.

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The Club and The Shining Stars in a Triple-Threat match to retain the title

The New Day came out and the crowd exploded! They were very over with the crowd. They worked they usual magic. Not much reaction from the Puerto Ricans, but the New Japan guys got a huge reaction as well, as the crowd made too sweet signs and chanted Bullet Club. It was a pretty good match, but it could have been better if instead of the Shining Stars, we had Enzo and Cass instead.

John Cena defeated Big Show

Prediction: Correct

The champ is here! The face that runs the place made his much anticipated Manila return. I was surprised they put this on midcard, I was expecting this to be the co-main event. The crowd got excited when the Big Show’s music glared in the arena, knowing what the next match is. And I had goosebumps when Cena came out! The crowd was chanting John Cena sucks, Let’s go Cena and Cena sucks! Of course, that match will always be remembered for the Big Show destroying the middle ropes, which cause an intermission after their match. But being veterans, they know what to do. Seeing Cena AA Show live is a sight indeed!

WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks to retain her title

Prediction: Correct

They aired vignettes through the night to hype this title match. It was still a pretty good match, but the standards had been set so high from the 4-horsewomen. Charlotte needed the ropes to get a dirty pin. Both Women were so over with the crowd, and I love how Charlotte used one of her dad’s signature exaggerated bumps.

Roman Reigns defeated Chris Jericho

Prediction: Correct

The crowd roared when Y2J’s music exploded, then the crowd got so excited when he grabbed. And boy did Jericho delivered as always. He is the greatest gago of all time! And that duterte chant was magic! He played the master heel in this match. This was a very good match, a very good house show co-main event match. Thank you Y2J for giving us the gift of Jericho, Manila drank it in!

WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn to retain his title

Prediction: Correct

What a main event! What a great match, the Championship of the Universe defended in Manila! Seth Rollins went out first, and I stood up to applaud the best wrestler in the world today. The crowd went nuts for the architect! Then Zayn went out, and the crowd hummed along to his hymn. Then finally, for the first time ever, Manila saw the Championship of the Universe. Three former NXT Champions, fighting for the Universal title, in Manila, what a time to be alive! The first offense of the match is a beautiful dive by Seth towards Owens, who was outside. This was an outstanding match. After Owens pinned his rival Zayn, he tried to beat him up more. But Rollins saved the day and delivered the pedigree. Rollins and Zayn shook hands and the nigh ended with Zayn saying goodbye to the crowd. It was surreal to see Rollins play the good guy baby face role, it would be interesting how character develops in the actual storyline.

Overall, this was a great show. And the crowd had a great time. Thank you WWE!


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