WWE Backlash predictions

WWE Backlash Predictions

It is the first brand specific PPV of the New Era, as SmackDown presents Backlash. All Smackdown titles are on the line, including the inaugural Smackdown Women’s and Tag team championships.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Semi-Finals

The Usos vs The Hype Bros

Winner: The Usos

With the then heavily favored American Alpha suffered an injury, this match became a replacement semi-final match. With the Uso’s turning heel, I believe they will win this match, because the team that is already in the finals is a face team.

Finals of the Smackdown tag team championship tournament

Heath Slater and Rhyno will win the tag team championship

The stage is set. They are over with the crowd; Heath is over with the crowd. Heath and Rhyno will win the title and Heath will get the contract!

6-pack Challenge for the Women’s championship

Winner: Eva Marie

Hear me out. What if, they lift the suspension; insert Eva in the match, then wins the title, just to get heel heat? That would be a great storyline!

Intercontinental Championship Match

Champion The Miz vs Dolph Ziggler

Winner: The Miz

The never-ending #MayForever Intercontinental championship tour continues for the Miz. I think Dolph will eventually snap and turn heel, he needs to reboot his character, the “Mid-carder that the IWC thinks should be a main eventer but slowly the IWC is turning” that is both a gimmick and a reality, might be in need of a reshape.

Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt

Winner: Randy Orton

Once again, Bray is in a position where he will job to a bigger star. They can’t afford Orton to lose again after losing to Lesnar last Summerslam (and Orton will lose again in a house show, yes, a house show, to Lesnar soon).

WWE World Championship Match

Champion Dean Ambrose vs AJ Styles

Winner: AJ Styles and new WWE World Champion

After beating John Cena clean and winning that feud (for now), it is time for AJ to finally win his 1st World title in the WWE. All the years of being the big fish in several small ponds, it is time for Styles to be the big fish in the biggest ocean of them all. Can he swim with the sharks? Can he prove that he can hang with the big boys? Can he prove what the IWC has been harping about him for the past 15 years, that he is the best, period. Only one way to find out!


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