WWE Summerslam 2016 and Post-Summerslam Raw Results and Analysis

WWE Summerslam 2016 and Post-Summerslam Raw Results and Analysis

JeriKO defeated Enzo and Cass

Prediction: Wrong

A solid and fun opening match. Enzo and Cass are so over with the crowd, it is just plain magic when they grab the mic. They can pretty much say anything and the crowd will eat it up. I just hope they change the Manila card so they can go to the MOA event. With Cass and Kevin Owens in the Universal title picture, it remains to be seen what will happen to this feud.

WWE Women’s Championship Match

Charlotte defeated Women’s Champion Sasha Banks to win the title

Prediction: Wrong

It is shocking for Sasha to have a just a few weeks long reign, but there are rumors of minor injuries from Sasha that she needs to rest from. Another excellent Four Horsewomen match. Hopefully, she will be ok, so that she can also make it to the Manila card. With Bayley showing up on Raw, Bayley just might get pushed to the title picture immediately. A Manila card late addition perhaps!

Intercontinental Championship match

Champion The Miz defeated Apollo Creed… I mean Apollo Crews… to retain his title

Prediction: Correct

When you think of the Intercontinental championship during Summerslam, you think of all the great moments of that belt during the summer. The Ultimate Warrior ending the 15-month reign of the Honky Tonk Man in just a few seconds, Bret Hart vs Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog in Wembley, HBK vs Razor Ramon Ladder Match part 2, HHH vs The Rock in a ladder match. This match is not one of them. Creed is very raw. I like the Miz but he needs better booking.

AJ Styles defeated John Cena

Prediction: Wrong

Match of the year? No. Match of the weekend? Not really. Match of the night? Hell yeah! AJ Styles and John Cena put up an absolute masterpiece in a truly phenomenal match. Kudos to Cena and the WWE for putting over AJ clean. The face that runs the place, the top dog of the WWE for the past 15 years vs the best wrestler in the world outside of the WWE during the same time period. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champions are now getting their dues in the WWE, imagine that, as AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, Austin Aries and Samoa Joe all had a memorable SummerSlam Weekend.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

The Club defeated the New Day via DQ, New Day retains

Prediction: Well, I did predict a victory by the Club…

The Club and the New Day deserves better. The highlight for Anderson and Gallows for the night is the Bullet Club reunion with Styles and Balor, too bad Balor did not too sweet his friends from New Japan.

WWE World Championship Match

Champion Dean Ambrose defeated Dolph Ziggler to retain his World title

Prediction: Correct

The crowd is already tired halfway through this very long night (halfway through the main card, but you consider the pre-card, and most of them watched NXT Takeover the previous night, so burnout right here). And to put the most prestigious title at midcard, it is very disrespectful, and bad for the blue brand. This was an ok match, but it was supposed to be great, but I feel that this is not the wrestler’s fault. But I think this match solidifies Ziggler, sadly, as a mid-carder, a mid-carder loved (is he still loved?) by the IWC who demands he belongs in the main event. And Dean, I love Dean, but with the way things are going, he might just lose the strap to AJ very soon, which is not necessarily a bad thing for the brand and the company as a whole.

6 Women SmackDown Tag Team Match

Nikki Bella, Alexa and Natalya defeated Becky, Carmela and Naomi

This was an ok match, I like the way they teased Eva Marie, and the Queen Bee is back!

WWE Universal Championship Match

Finn Ballor defeated Seth Rollins to be the 1st ever WWE Champion of the Universe

Prediction: Correct

Horrible name, horrible belt design, great match. Unfortunately, the crowd hijacked this match, and instead of appreciating the classic, the dream match that was unfolding, they whined about the belt, ruining the experience for everyone. Seth Rollins was clearly hurt in his tweet and Mick Foley did the same on his Facebook page. It was a bold move for the WWE to make Balor the first Universal Champion, and the first man to win a World title in his main roster WWE PPV debut. However, during the match, Balor got injured for real, and he vacated the belt the next night on RAW, making him the clear favorite to win the Royal Rumble 2017. Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns vs Big Cass vs Kevin Owens for the vacant Universal title next week on RAW. I am hoping for a KO victory, or a huge turn with Cass as champ would be cool as well.

United States Champion Rusev and Roman Reigns fought to a no contest

The match never officially started and Reigns just destroyed Rusev. However, due to Balor’s injury, this feud was put on hold, for now, as Reigns is back in the main event picture, for now. Let us wait and see what happens next.

Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Orton via TKO

Prediction: Wrong

This sends a wrong message, have a part timer destroy the second biggest star of the post-attitude era in the second biggest night of the year in the main event. And what’s up with the potato elbow shots? This is not MMA. This is professional wrestling. We want to see a professional wrestling match. Please step down Vince and let HHH take over for real!

The Manila card would have changes for sure, pending the results of next week’s Universal championship match. I want to live in a world where Kevin Owens battles Sami Zayn for a 5-star Universal title match classic and a 5-star triple threat match between the raw 4 Horse Women for the Women’s title, right here, in Manila (well Pasay), Philippines!


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