WWE NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2: results and analysis

WWE NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2: Results and Analysis

Austin Aries defeated No Way Jose

Prediction: Correct

A very good opening match between the greatest man that ever lived and the fun loving No Way Jose! Jose proved that he can be serious and that he can wrestle as he and Austin wrestled a solid, well-received match. This is in New York, so even though Austin is a heel, he was also cheered. After the match, Hideo Itami showed up, and delivered a GTS to Austin to set up the next feud.

Ember Moon defeated Bilie Kay

Prediction: Correct

A good way to showcase the new comer, as she hit a great finisher that had social media buzzing! With the impending graduation of Bayley, Moon just might get pushed to the title scene sooner than later.

Bobby Roode defeated Andrade “Cien” Almas

Prediction: Correct

What a glorious debut! That entrance, the entrance music, beautiful, just damn beautiful! And that robe, it was really a Ric Flair-ish robe, and with Flair watching, he just asked for his robe back. This was another very good match. Much was expected from the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion but Almas proved that he could work as well. But please, give that finisher back to Road Dogg! Roode is a star and should be push to the NXT title scene pretty soon. Almas proved that he can hang with the big boys, and he could be a valuable mid-carder for the time being.

NXT tag team championship match:

NXT Tag Team Champions The Revival defeated Gargano and Ciampa to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

Prediction: Wrong

Where do we start? Another classic tag team match from the Revival! This is old school tag team wrestling, similar to the glory days of the British Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation. The story telling, the moves, the ring psychology, how the Revival used the ring, how the challengers gained sympathy and that huge pop with the false finish, this match was a thing of beauty. This is tag team wrestling!

NXT Women’s Championship Match

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka defeated Bayley to retain her title

Prediction: Correct

If this was indeed Bayley’s graduation match, then what a graduation it was! This was another excellent women’s division bout, although not as good as the one’s pitting a 4 horsewoman against another. It is hard to top last year’s Bayley-Sasha Banks classic after all. But this match got the job done, in-ring wise and storyline wise. Such a nice way to end it, with Asuka showing real sportsmanship, acknowledging the contribution of Bayley to the brand, and nice of the 4 horsewoman to have their moment as well! Bayley hugged Sasha and Becky at ringside, who was shown cheering for their friend all through out the match. Charlotte did not sit with them, for kayfabe purposes, which they pretty much broke anyways when Bayley hugged Charlotte as well. Another awesome feel good moment, this is the Women’s evolution!

NXT Championship Match

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated NXT Champion Samoe Joe to win the championship

Prediction: Correct

The violin, the entrance alone just gave me chills, and it gave us the big fight feels! So much feels! Another excellent NXT championship match, another awesome Nakamura PPV match. From a purely in-ring standpoint, was this match as good as his previous big NXT matches? No, but that is only because the standard was set too high, his first match was a match of the year candidate that overshadowed Wrestlemania anyways. The roar of the crowd when Nakamura won the title was fantastic. I hope Joe graduates already; he deserves to be a main roster star very soon.

Overall, another excellent NXT Take Over Show. This is the NXT’s version of Summerslam, and, some would say (sadly) expected, this was better than the actual Summerslam, just like during Wrestlemania weekend. Oh well. NXT is for the hardcore, die-hard fans of the art of professional wrestling!


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