WWE Summerslam 2016 Predictions:

WWE Summerslam 2016 Predictions:


Game 1 of Best of 7 series


Cesaro vs Sheamus


Winner: Cesaro


Expect this to be a full 7-game series between two very good performers. I guess the WWE has nothing better to show them. Hopefully, the winner can get to the midcard title scene.


Enzo and Cass vs JeriKO


Winner: Enzo and Cass


I wonder if they will let JeriKO be as successful as Jerishow. But as a team, Enzo and Cass need this more.


WWE Tag Team Championship Match


The New Day vs The Club


Winner: The Club wins the Raw World Tag Team Titles


It is time for a new tag champs and the club fits the bill… as the transitional champs before Enzo and Cass wins the straps. I think this is the first PPV title defense of the New Day without Big E and that is just the save face moment that they need.


Women’s Championship


Champion Sasha Banks vs Charlotte


Winner: Sasha Banks


I can’t see a one-month reign for Banks. I am hoping for a classic for this one, then they top that with a better match in Manila!










WWE Intercontinental Championship


Champion The Miz vs Apollo Crews


Winner: The Miz retains


Apollo Creed… I mean Crews; character is still a bit too raw for me. I think the Miz can retain the title. The Miz just needs a good storyline so he can make the Intercontinental title great again.


WWE United States Championship


Champion Rusev vs Roman Reigns


Winner: Roman Reigns new champion


He is not a bad guy. He is not a good guy. He is a mid-card guy! Reigns is now in the mid-card, where he belongs, for now. Remember, after his first couple of reigns as WWE World Champion, CM Punk got relegated back to mid-card, and had an Intercontinental title run as well. So all is not lost for Roman, maybe this is what he needs. And congrats to Rusev and Lana, congrats to Rusev, a true champion! Rusev! Crush!


John Cena vs AJ Styles


Winner: John Cena


Expect Cena to win the trilogy by next month. Hopefully, this ends up as a clean classic, unlike the dirty finish the last time. Nice storyline, indies vs the WWE machinery.


Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton


Winner: Randy Orton


I’m going out of limb for this one and go for Orton. It is time for Lesnar to lose one on one (other than the Undertaker match last year). Orton is credible enough for give Lesnar a loss, and it would rub the UFC/MMA to have a guy who won one of their most controversial matches in recent memory then have him lose in a professional wrestling match after. Take that little Mcgreggor whatever your name is!






WWE Universal Championship


Fin Balor vs Seth Rollins


Winner and the 1st WWE Champion of the Universe, Fin Balor


The WWE finally listened to the IWC and they gave the NXT Icon a shot at the first WWE Universal championship. It is still a dorky name, but it is what it is. I am hoping for an upset here and they might as well push Balor all the way up there. Although the first man to cash in MITB at Wrestlemania, the first man to hold the WWE World and US titles at the same time, just could be the first WWE Universal Champion. Regardless, expect this to be an instant classic, the match of the night and a potential match of the year candidate


WWE World Championship


Champion Dean Ambrose vs Dolph Ziggler


Winner: Dean Ambrose


So Dean won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. About a week later, they started calling him the WWE Champion. Then about a week ago, they started calling him the WWE World Champion. Whatever it is called, this is the most prestigious championship in the history of this industry, the original WWE championship. With two world titles, the WWE just wants to drop the heavyweight tag (to push the cruiserweights?) and call one the champion of the World, then the other one as the champion of the universe! This match just might steal the show. It is nice for them to push Dolph to the main event where he belongs but then again, I don’t see Dean dropping the WWE title this soon, and the possibility of 2 shield members holding a world title, and all 3 of them holding a strap when the 2nd biggest event of the year is over, might just further their legacy.


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