NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2016 predictions:

NXT Take Over Brooklyn 2016 predictions:


Here we go! It is Summerslam weekend, the biggest party of the summer, and the 2nd biggest event of the WWE fiscal calendar. We kickoff with the NXT’s own version of Summerslam! Can they top off the main show of their big brothers and sisters? That is hard to tell, considering a lot of former NXT stars got big matches at Summerslam, including the recent callup, NXT icon Fin Ballor.


Ember Moon debut


Winner: Ember Moon


I can’t imagine Ember Moon losing in her debut, after all the videos about her. Let’s see if she would be pushed to the title picture soon.


Austin Aries vs No Way Jose


Winner: Austin Aries


While it is good that Jose got into a serious feud with a top star, I don’t see Austin losing this one, especially with a loss to Nakamura during the last NXT PPV. With rumors of either Joe or Nakamura being called up soon, Austin just might get pushed to the NXT title scene sooner than later. I expect this to be a good match between the greatest man that ever lived, and a wrestler who has lots of potential.


Bobby Roode vs Andrade Almas


Winner: Bobby Roode


Finally, the NXT PPV debut of former World Champion Booby Roode! Glorious! Such a shame that after winning his PPV debut, Almas would most probably job to Roode. This is not like a big star like Aries losing to a bigger star in Nakamura, but let’s hope Almas can recover quickly.


NXT Tag Team Championship:


Champions The Revival vs Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa


Winner: New Champions


The Revival has been great NXT tag team champions, but with a possible smackdown tag team titles coming up. There just might be space in the main roster for another excellent tag team. Gargano and Ciampa had that great CWC a few weeks ago. It is time for them to get some gold.


NXT Women’s championship:


Champion Asuka vs Bayley


Winner: Asuka


I guess it’s time for Bayley to graduate to the main roster, especially with the possibility of the Smackdown Women’s title. The main roster Divas needs more depth because of the brand splits and the possible two titles so they need more stars. I suggest a Women’s tournament similar to CWC; they need that with the impending 3 women’s title in the WWE umbrella.


NXT Championship:


Champion Samoa Joe vs Shinsuke Nakamura


Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura


Joe has been in NXT for way too long. Time for him to finally go the main roster! Hopefully, this match could be a classic. I want a long reign for Nakamura, similar to the reign of Balor. Maybe he can make his main roster debut during the RAW after Wrestlemania next year.






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