WWE Battle Ground 2016 results and Analysis

WWE Battle Ground Results and Analysis

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Charlotte and Dana

Prediction: Correct

Bayley received a huge reaction from the WWE Universe in her first main roster match. Rumor has it that this is a one-time deal, for now. But Bayley just might officially gradate to the main roster in a month or two.

The Wyatts defeated the New Day

Prediction: Wrong

This is the end for the road, for now, for this version of the family, thanks to the draft. A fitting farewell for one of the most under pushed but well respected factions.

US Champion Rusev defeated Zack Ryder

Prediction: Right

They let Zack get a few offense in but the Bulgarian brute picked up the win. After the match, Mojo stormed the ring to save Ryder from a post-match attack.

Sami Zayn beats Kevin Owens

Prediction: Right

For the nth time, its Zayn vs Owens. And for the nth time , another great match between the two rivals. Nothing like real life friends/ reel life foes to bring up a great match, case in point, the matches between Klique members. I am excited for what the future brings for both great wrestlers know that this rivalry is over, for now.

IC Champion The Miz retains vs Darren Young

Prediction: Right

I figured they wouldn’t let Young lose, as they want to push him with Bob Backlund at his side. Let’s see if Young goes for the US title.

John Cena, Enzo and Cass defeated The Club

Prediction: Correct

The Club, at least this version of it, didn’t get the farewell that the Wyatts had. The match was a bit hazy at time but an entertaining match. The mic skills of Enzo, wow, just wow. And the kicks game is pretty sweet, too. I haven’t seen a tag team this entertaining on the mic since the New Age Outlaws.

Highlight Heel: Chris Jericho interviews Randy Orton

The Viper finally made his return, much to the delight of the WWE Universe. Randy is better as a heel though, but this was an entertaining promo between the two legends. The pot shots against Brock Lesnar was nicely done. Of course, the promo ended with and RKO #outtanowhere

WWE Champion Dean Ambrose beats Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns to retain the WWE title.

Prediction: Correct

This was a match that the IWC was hoping for the Wrestlemania main event, or at least Summerslam. But it was a very good match. Smackdown needed the original WWE title anyways. It was a nice touch of a celebration after, though a little too cheesy, and perhaps a little too much of John Cena.

RAW tidbits:

Wow, Sasha Banks is the new WWE Women’s champion. Didn’t expect that one to happen on Raw. And Raw will get it’s own World title, but it’s not the old World Heavyweight Title of the big gold belt. But a new “Universal” title. A terrible name. Sound like the UWF title. A global title would have been better, but still not that good. I guess they just want a new title. Reminds me of the old WCW International World Heavyweight Title, or something like that. But dammit, Seth Rollins vs Finn Balor for the 1st ever WWE Universal Championship at Summerslam!


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