WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Results and Analysis

WWE Money in the Bank 2016 Results


The Lucha Dragons defeated The Dudleys

Prediction: Wrong

The Golden Truth beats Breezango

Prediction: Wrong

I wonder what is the plan for the young guys on this one. This is a relatively entertaining mid-card/curtain jerker feud, reminds me of the Attitude era when even the smaller feuds were interesting, like the Job Squad, the Oddities and the likes.

Show Proper:

The New Day wins the Fatal Four Way to retain the WWE World Tag Team Titles

Prediction: Right

A good opening match, The New Day wins but the rest of the tag teams didn’t look weak. A title change might be coming up by Summerslam though.

Baron Corbin beats Dolph Ziggler

Prediction: Right

Hopefully, this is the end of this feud, and they can move on to bigger things. Baron can be the monster big guy that can replace Kane and The Big Show, if booked properly. He has the badass look and he got enough moves to pull off a solid kickass match.

Apollo Crews beats Sheamus

Prediction: Correct

A big win for the rookie, and a nice touch for the roll-up type win to save face for the veteran. Just to prolong this feud. Apollo is still a bit raw for WWE style, he should have stayed in NXT longer, but he was called up immediately and he needs to swim with the sharks to survive, The brand split just might give him the opportunity that he needs.

Charlotte and Dana Brooke beat Natalya and Becky Lynch

Prediction: Correct

Interesting heel turn by Natalya, to make her character interesting! Hopefully, this division can pick up some steam going into Summerslam.

AJ Styles beats John Cena

Prediction: Correct

The co-main event of the evening, a match that is worthy of the main event of Wrestlemania, lived up to the hype. I watched this match over the third quarter of Game 7, and I have no regrets! Such a shame they didn’t give AJ the full KO treatment, as AJ needed outside help instead of a clean win. A trilogy is in the works, one that John Cena would most probably win anyways. Let’s just hope AJ won’t be buried when all is said and done, though he might have to settle for a mid-card title this year.

Dean Ambrose wins the Money in the Bank Match

Prediction: Correct

Dean Ambrose finally climbs the ladder of success and wins the Money in the Bank matchup. This match was during the fourth quarter of Game 7, fortunately, I flipped channels when Lebron went down during the dying seconds, just in time to see Dean grab the briefcase, talk about perfect timing, and the slightly delayed telecast of FOX.

United States Champion Russev beats Titus O’neil to retain the title

Prediction: Correct

The Game 7 was over and there are still two scheduled title matches to go. As expected, Russev got the duke. And nice heel touch by the European by bashing Titus’ kids at ringside, Happy Father’s Day indeed.

Seth Rollins defeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Heavyweight title.

Prediction: Correct

In his first PPV match since his injury, Seth proved that he is still the man, as he carried the guy to a great match. The pedigree to counter the spear was a thing of beauty, and thanks to another pedigree, Seth became a 2-time World Champion. But the night is not over yet.

Money in the Bank Cash-in:

Dean Ambrose beats WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins to be the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Ambrose makes good on his promise, as he hit Seth from behind with the briefcase, cashed in his contract, then after a quick dirty deeds, in a match that officially lasted just a few seconds, Dean finally captured his first WWE World Heavyweight Championship. So all 3 members of the Shield help the WWE World title on the same night, an amazing accomplishment indeed! One of the things that are real in this business is when you win your first World title. You can see the reactions. From the boyhood dream of Shawn Michaels coming true during WrestleMania 12, to cash-ins of Edge and Seth Rollins, the emotions are just real. And you can feel it with Ambrose. All those years in extreme indies promotions, to the several months after the Shield break up that he just can’t get the big one, finally the lunatic is the WWE Champion. Sometimes, in life, you get what you deserve, you deserve it crazy one, congratulations!

It was announced on the Raw after MITB that it’s going to be a Shield Triple- Threat match at Battleground. Then, Roman got suspended due to a wellness violation. It seems it might be Ambrose vs Rollins at the next PPV, then the Shield Triple-Threat match would have to wait for Summerslam.

Finally. A great champion brings home a World Title for the state of Ohio. Congratulations to the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, from Cincinnati, Ohio, Dean Ambrose!


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