WWE NXT Take Over: The End, Results and Analysis

WWE NXT Take Over: The End Results and Analysis

Andrade “Cien” Almas beats Tye Dillinger

Prediction: Correct

A good opening match, a good way for Cien to make his debut! Let’s see how far WWE would push Almas, they seem very high on him. Tye is very much over with the fans, but he is in trouble of being push out of the mix. The next few months would be crucial, as some NXT stars maybe drafted to the main rosters and it might be up to the newer NXT wrestlers to step up to keep the brand as it it is today.

The Revival defeated NXT Tag Team Champions American Alpha to regain the titles

Prediction: Wrong

Another very good match between the two tag teams! Definitely cleaner than their last match but I enjoyed their match better, or maybe it was just the magic of WrestleMania Weekend. I was surprise to see Alpha loses the belt this early, perhaps a trilogy this Summerslam Weekend is in the offing. But with the draft coming up; American Alpha might be called up sooner than expected, thus the title loss.

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Austin Aries

Prediction: Right

Another 5-star classic for Nakamura! Two NXT-PPV matches, two 5-star matches for the Japanese sensation, though I enjoyed the match against Sami Zayn better. The two proved that they are two of the best workers in the world today. The showdown between the King of Strong Style and the greatest man who ever lived, indeed lived up to the hype. Austin just made a mistake towards the end, for a save face loss. I am predicting that by the end of the year, one of them is the NXT champion, while the other one is a star in the main roster.

NXT Women’s Champion Asuka beats Nia Jax

Prediction: Correct

Another very good women’s title match, but not as good as the one that involved a four horsewomen, it is a bit odd to see an NXT Women’s title match with no Four Horsewoman involved. Nia pretty much beat up Asuka during this match before an Asuka comeback. Perhaps Bayley will get her rematch in Brooklyn.

NXT Champion Samoa Joe beats Finn Balor in a steel cage match to retain his title

Prediction: Correct

Finally, one of the best rivalries in NXT history comes to an end. Another excellent match between the two, though I was hoping for more, I thought Balor would jump from the top of the cage or something like that. Balor is now ripe for the main roster, either to join the club or feud with the club, or he takes out AJ Styles out of the club, rename it the Balor Club, then feud with Styles. NXT always delivers in their PPV’s can’t wait for NXT Take Over Brooklyn during SummerSlam weekend!


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