WWE Extreme Rules Results and Analysis

WWE Extreme Rules Results and Analysis


Baron Corbin defeated Dolph Ziggler

Prediction: Correct

It’s a good thing they let Baron win against a former World Champion but it is a shame its on a pre-show. Hopefully, Baron can get some momentum to get to the next level.

The Club defeated The Uso’s in a tornado match

Prediction: Correct

The former IWGP Tag Team Champions achieved a solid win against the former WWE World Tag Team Champions. Perhaps, it is time to end this feud and their series of matches. Perhaps Gallows and Anderson may finally enter the title scene.

Rusev beats US Champion Kalisto to win the title

Prediction: Correct

Finally, the US champion may go back to relevance as one of the most dominant US champions in recent finally regained the US title. This might set up a revival of the feud with Cena for the US strap!

WWE World Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated the Vaudevillians to retain the belts

A solid tag team title match, The New Day used heel tactics by using outside help but they remained as the face team. The crowd got excited when the rookies almost won the title but they cheered anyways when the New Day retained the belts. Expect a rematch soon.

Prediction: Wrong

Intercontinental Champion The Miz defeated Kevin Owens, Cesaro and Sami Zayn in a fatal-4 way match to retain the IC title.

Prediction: Correct

Match of the night! The Intercontinental title is the workhorse title and these guys delivered another classic. It seems all Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn do these days are to deliver classic matches. The fatal-4-way set up is the perfect way for the Miz to retain via a save face manner for the other guys.

Aslyum Match

Dean Ambrose defeated Chris Jericho

Prediction: Correct

The entire match was a bit of a letdown, but was saved when Chris Jericho went through the thumbtacks. I hope they let Ambrose battle in a “real” hardcore setup where he and bleed just like his indie days. Ambrose might go back to the World title picture soon.

WWE World Women’s Champion Charlotte defeated Natalya in a submission match to retain the title

Prediction: Correct

A disappointing match, and with Sasha injured and Paige and Becky jobbing, the division is suddenly put on a limbo of sorts.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns defeated AJ Styles to retain the title

Prediction: Wrong

Another good match from the two, though their payback match was better in my opinion. But this was about what happened after the match. Seth Rollins came out from the crowd the hit Roman Reigns with the pedigree, much to the delight of the crowd. Rollins is like a savior, ready to save us from the Roman Empire. The match is set for the Money in the Bank main event, as Roman defends the title against the guy who never lost that title anyways.

Be the Seth Rollins in a world full of Roman Reigns.


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