WWE Payback Predictions

WWE Payback Predictions

Dolph Ziggler vs Baron Corbin

Prediction: Baron Corbin

At last year’s Survivor Series, the then newest NXT graduate, Tyler Breeze defeated Dolph Ziggler clean in his WWE PPV debut. We all know what happened next, Breeze eventually became a jobber. The chance of that happening to Corbin is very slim, as he is one of the top young big guys of the company. This is Corbin’s 1st single match in a WWE PPV and I expect him to shine and beat the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

United States Championship Match

Champion Kalisto vs Ryback

Prediction: Kalisto

Ryback has been whining lately about his position in the card. I say, he should consider himself lucky. Ryback might be down to his last few months in the company. The US title has lost its luster the moment Cena disappeared from the US title picture. Perhaps, make an NXT Call-up the new US champion, and do it soon.

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Champion The Miz vs Cesaro

Prediction: Cesaro as new champion

The WWE Universe is hoping that this is finally the push of Cesaro. I am glad The Miz is back in a title picture, with Maryse. Expect them to feud for the title till the next PPV.

#1 Contender’s match for the WWE World Tag Team Championship

Enzo and Cass vs The Vaudvillians

Prediction: Enzo and Cass

This should be a good match between two of the best teams from NXT. This could go either way. Imagine the promos against the New Day. The tag team scene is alive and kicking!

WWE World Women’s Championship

Champion Charlotte (with her dad Ric Flair) vs Natalya (with her Uncle Bret Hart)

Flair vs Hart for the World Championship! I expect this to be a very good match; I hope they give the ladies enough time, 15-20 minutes, to give us at least a 4-star match. Their Roadblock match a few months ago was a good one. Bret joining her niece is a nice touch. Regardless of the things Bret has been saying lately, it’s going to be a touching moment.

Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho

Prediction: Dean Ambrose

I expect this to be a very good match. This was thought of as a potential Wrestlemania match. Since they don’t want Ambrose to be in the World title picture in the meantime, a feud against a legend is the right thing to do. This is Jericho’s role, to give the rub to the newer generation.

Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn

Prediction: Sami Zayn

Again, expect this to be a very good match. For the first time ever, the long time friends/rivals will battle each other in a WWE PPV. People hoped that this would be a Wrestlemania match. This match could go either way but I am going for the face for this one.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Champion Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles

Prediction: AJ Styles as the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion

I am going for broke here and predict a new champion. When this match was first booked, people expected the face of TNA to make Roman look stronger. Then Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows appeared on Raw and started to help Styles. The Finn Ballor lost his NXT title. Can the Bullet Club officially reunite then help AJ win the big one? They dominated Japan, but can they dominate the WWE?! This card just might be better than Wrestlemania. An excellent Women’s match. Ambrose-Y2J and KO-Sami and an interesting main event. Should be a great one!


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