WRESTLEMANIA 32 Results and Analysis with post-WRESTLEMANIA RAW highlights

WRESTLEMANIA 32 Results and Analysis with post-WRESTLEMANIA RAW


United States Champion Kalisto defeated Ryback to retain the title

Prediction: Wrong

The arena was barely 1/4th full during this match, due to the very long lines outside the stadium. Even for a Wrestlemania Pre-Show opener, we deserve a better match than this one.

10 Divas Tag Match

Winner: Team Total Divas

Prediction: Wrong

Brie Bella got her moment by paying tribute to Daniel Bryan; then Nikki Bella showed up after the match to celebrate. I won’t be surprise if this becomes the traditional annual “Other Women’s match” of Wrestlemania.

Uso’s defeated the Dudley Boys

Prediction: Correct

This felt like a Raw match. This teams needs to turn things around or they will be lost in the shuffle, especially with Enzo and Cass making it to the main roster.


Zack Ryder won the 7-man ladder match to win the Intercontinental title

Prediction: Wrong

Who would have guessed? This was meant to get a shocking reaction. Though this proved that if you work hard, you just might get a chance when the opportunity arises. Let me put it this way, sometimes. When you want something, and the odds are against you, it might be better to be in a situation when there are several guys competing for the prize, instead of one on one. Why? Because if it is one on one, you can’t beat a guy that is better than you, but if there are other competitors, the scenario becomes different, and you just might swoop in for the win. That is what Zack Ryder did. Minsan talaga, maghihintay ka lang ng #TamangPanahon .

But then, The Miz defeated Ryder to win the IC belt the next night on Raw, then Ryder will get his rematch this Smackdown.

Chris Jericho defeated AJ Styles

Prediction: Wrong

The series is now tied at 2. Another great match between the two former World Champions. The best one on one match of the card. AJ won a fatal four-way on Raw to be the number one contender for the World title. Will the face of TNA be used to further strengthen the Roman Empire?

League of Nations defeated The New Day

Prediction: Correct

This was a 6-man tag team match, with Wade Barret accompanied his fellow international superstars. Barret interfered in the match to give the New Day a save face defeat. But this was about what happened after ward. Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and Stone Cold Steve Austin showed up then brawled with the League of Nations. Afterwards, the New Day tried to celebrate with the legends, but in classic Austin mode, Xavier got a stunner. Yes, that was a fun segment, but this also shows what is wrong with the WWE management, and yes, the WWE Universe, including me. We love the Attitude era, but we need to let her go. We need to create new stars, new memories, and not just rely on the past. Masakit at mahirap tangapin, pero hindi na natin mababalik yung dati, Iba na ang sitwasyon. Kailangan na natin mag move on.

Brock Lesnar defeated Dean Ambrose in a street fight

Prediction: Correct

A disappointing match, Ambrose was supposed to be elevated (even with a loss) but they just showed that he could take a punishment. There was no blood. They brawled outside. They didn’t use a barbed wire baseball bat or a chainsaw, they just teased them then nothing happened. Dean deserves to be World champion soon, but with the way booking is going, I don’t know when or how. I can relate to Dean, a crazy guy, a misunderstood guy, a good person that deserves better.

Divas Champion Charlotte defeated Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in a triple-threat match to be the WWE Women’s Champion

Prediction: Wrong

During the pre-show, Lita announced “the return of the new Women’s championship”, or something like that. The belt looks beautiful, and it looks like the WWE World Heavyweight Title so the WWE is going for equality here, and the Divas will now be just known simply as Superstars.

The entrances for this match gave the match a great feel. It felt like a World title match! Because it was! A WWE World Women’s title match! Becky came out first. Then Banks went in with her cousin Snoop Dogg. Then Charlotte came out wearing the robe of his father during his retirement match. This was a great match, the best match of the card from a pure wrestling standpoint. I just didn’t like the ending; I would have preferred a clean win and a new champion. But the bottom line is. Hindi sila “ magaling sila for a girl”. Magaling sila. Period.

The Undertaker defeated Shane Mcmahon in a Hell in a Cell match

Prediction: Correct

I like the entrance of Shane, with the custom Jordans and all. I like the way his sons acted during the entrance. They treated it like it was their playground, because it is! Their family owns the company, the industry, and they can do whatever the hell they want! As always, the Undertaker gave a chilling entrance.
But this match is about one move. Shane gave us a Wrestlemania moment by jumping from the top of the hell in a cell to give the Undertaker an elbow through a table, but Taker moved out and Shane went crashing. Toughest rich kid ever. A friend of mine asked me how I felt about Wrestlemania 32. I told him, it was underwhelming. But I really can’t say it was flat out bad, and why? Because of the Shane O’ Mac moment! I am now inspired to jump from the top of the hell in a cell, just to see who cares.

Baron Corbin wins the Andre the Giant Battle Royal

Prediction: Wrong

I predicted Braun to win this match and he didn’t even participate. Lot’s of surprises in this battle royal, Tatanka, DDP and of course, Shaq! In the end, NXT star Baron Corbin wins the battle royal to cement his claim as next star big guy.

The Rock beats Rowan in 6 seconds

An Impromptu match, The Rock was doing his usual promo. Yes, entertaining, but not really helping the younger talents. In the end, the Wyatts were used once again. John Cena made his surprise return to help the Rock.

Roman Reigns defeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple-H to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Prediction: Correct

What a horrible match. A horrible ending! The highlight of the match was the entrance, with another beautiful and real speech by Stephanie Mcmahon. Last year, we got one of the greatest endings in Wrestlemania history. This year, we had a horrible ending. There are no words. There are no words.


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