WWE NXT Take Over Dallas Predictions

WWE NXT Take Over Dallas Predictions

We are one week away from Wrestlemania! It is the start of Wrestlemania week. There is the (hopefully crucial) Raw before Wrestlemania, tons of WWE Network Exclusive for the week; there is the WWE HOF ceremony, Wrestlemania itself, and the always crucial Raw after Wrestlemania. But for a lot of serious wrestling fans, the most anticipated event of the week is not the under booked and underwhelming Wrestlemania. The most anticipated event of the week is the NXT Take Over card, 2 days before Wrestlemania, a show that is expected to surpass the actual Wrestlemania itself. Let’s take a look at the future of the WWE who are raring to steal the show this weekend.

Apollo Crews vs Elias Samson

Winner: Apollo Crews

Much has been expected from Apollo Crews. He did receive an NXT title shot a few months ago. But now, he is stuck in NXT mid-card, and in a match that did not receive the proper hype heading into a special event. With TNA, indies and Japan stars coming to NXT, one can easily be lost in the shuffle, so the next few months is crucial for both wrestlers.

Austin Aries vs Baron Corbin

Winner: Austin Aries

The greatest man who ever lived will make his much-anticipated NXT debut in Take Over Dallas and he would be facing one of the giants of NXT, Baron Corbin. Corbin has been in NXT for the longest time. He is in a spot where they either they push him to the main event scene of NXT, or he should go to the main roster, but the problem is, he might get lost in the main roster shuffle, just like Tyler Breeze. The former TNA World Heavyweight Champion is raring to show that he belongs in the big leagues. I expect this to be a good match. Austin is one of the biggest TNA stars of the post AJ Styles/Samoa Joe era and if booked properly, he could be a big NXT star, then a main roster soon in a year or two.

Sami Zayn vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Winner: Nakamura

This just might be the match of the night, or maybe even the match of the weekend. The former IWGP Intercontinental champion is making his NXT debut against the guy who is involved in the WWE Intercontinental championship scene. This might be Sami’s NXT graduation as he might join the main roster full-time soon. As big as star Sami is, and his involvement in a big match at Wrestlemania, I can’t imagine Nakamura losing in his NXT debut.

Championship matches:

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

Champions The Revival vs The American Alpha Males

Predictions: The American Alpha Males, new champions

It is time for the American Alpha Males to be the Alpha team of NXT. Both of them are very good workers and they work as a tag team. I love the vignettes of their storied amateur wrestling careers. They did not reach the top of amateur wrestling as individuals, but as a team, they can reach the top of the NXT professional wrestling.

NXT Women’s Championship

Champion Bayley vs Asuka

Predictions: Asuka, new champion

This match could go either way. WWE might be thinking of bring up Bayley up the main roster, to complete the four horsewomen of wrestling in the main roster. This should be a very good match. I am not so sure if they can replicate or even surpass the 5-star classics of Bayley and Sasha Banks a few months back, but they would damn sure try!

NXT Championship

Champion Finn Balor vs Samoa Joe

Predictions: Samoa Joe, new champion

Anything less than a classic would be a disappointment! Joe has been in NXT for the longest time. A lot of people actually think that he shouldn’t be in NXT, and he should have jumped straight to the main roster, like what AJ Styles did. It’s either they make Samoa jump to the main roster, or make him NXT champion. Balor has nothing to prove in NXT. He is ripe for the main roster. And the possibility of the Bullet Club debuting the Raw after Wrestlemania, or at Wrestlemania itself, is a dream of the die-hard wrestling fans.


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