WWE RoadBlock Results and Analysis

WWE RoadBlock Results and Analysis

WWE Tag Team Champions The New Day defeated The League of Nations

Prediction: Correct

A good way to start the card! The New Day is now very over with the fans. They could turn face, or they could remain as entertaining heels. After having bland personas in the past, the members of the New Day evolved into very entertaining performers, both as individuals and especially as a group. Their chemistry is off the hook!

Chris Jericho defeated Jack Swagger

This was an unannounced match. Y2J came out first and made some heat, making sure that he would be booed in his homecoming in his native country. It was an ok match between two former World Champions. It should be noted that Jack Swagger cashed in his MITB against Y2J the Smackdown after Wrestlemania to win the World title back in 2010. A typical house show match where no story is needed.

NXT Tag team Champions The Revival beats Enzo and Cass

Prediction: Wrong

A very good match, I actually enjoyed this match. Enzo and Cass are really over with the fans. If the WWE doesn’t plan to give them the NXT tag titles, they might as well go to the main roster, assuming they would be well protected, of course.

Divas Champion Charlotte defeated Natalya

Prediction: Correct

They showed a promo before the match where Natalya baited Charlotte into putting the title on the line, even though this was announced as a title match the night before anyways. Natalya dedicated the match toe his Uncle Bret, and came out in Bret and Owen shirtin the delight of her fellow Canadians. It is Flair vs Hart for the title in Canada on a WWE Network special! This was a very good match. A classic house show match where there is no storyline needed, just throw a hometown* girl into a title match to the delight of the crowd. Charlotte needed to cheat to win the match, giving Natalya a save face moment. Hopefully, Natalya can get a good storyline after Wrestlemania, but she proved that she could deliver great matches when her number is called.

Brock Lesnar defeated Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper in a handicap match

Prediction: Right

This was supposed to be a one on one match between Lesnar and Wyatt. Then it was turned into a handicap match, but Luke basically wrestled the whole match with Bray just looked on. Luke had some offense n, but it was Suplex City, bitch.

Sami Zayn defeated Stardust

Another unannounced match, a typical house show match. The match was ok, but they could have done better, and it gives me the feeling that they were asked to tone it down a bit.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Triple-H defeated Dean Ambrose

Prediction: Correct

5-star classic. Hands down the match of the year so far, you know, before Seth Rollins returns in few months then deliver a couple of 5-star classics during the mid to latter part of this year. Everybody knew there was no way Dean would leave with the title. But he made us believe. Suspension of disbelief is still important in enjoying wrestling, and Dean made us not think for 30 minutes and just enjoy the action.

The match started slow and methodical, just like some of HHH’s classic matches. Dean is a brawler but he proved that he could hang with a superb technical wrestler like HHH. Dean concentrated with the injured quads of HHH, superb story telling and ring psychology right there. And everyone went nuts with the false finish, when for a split second, we thought WWE finally listened to us and gave us the champions that we wanted. Dean then made a mistake of crashing an elbow through the table. He survived a potential count out, only to fall to a pedigree. 46 years old HHH proved that he is still a great wrestler. And Dean Ambrorse proved what we all ready know. That he is good enough to win the WWE World title in the main event of WrestleMania. This should have been the Wrestlemania main event. And it pains the wrestling fans around the world. A network special main event weeks before Wrestlemania is so much better than the Wrestlemania main event. Dean Amrbose needs to win the WWE World title by Summerslam. Dean Amborse and Seth Rolllins are this generation’s Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Unfortunately, Roman Reigns lacks the charisma of Diesel. And you can believe that!


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