WWE RoadBlock Predictions

WWE Roadblock Predictions

NXT Tag Team Championship:

The Revival vs Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy

Winner: Enzo and Colin new champs

Enzo and Colin had been in the background of the NXT tag team scene for a long time already. It’s either they win the titles soon, or they move up to the main roster. But given the history of several NXT stars that was put in mediocre situations in the main roster, it would be wise for Enzo and Colin to ripe up first in NXT.

WWE Tag Team Championship:

Champions The New Day vs the League of Nations

Winner: The New Day

I can’t see the New Day dropping the belts in a WWE Network special, perhaps they would drop it this Wrestlemania, or maybe not. The New Day has been gaining momentum, and a possible full-face turn is very possible, too think they were originally formed to be a face team, but circumstances brought them otherwise. I would be wise for the League of Nations to disband after Wrestlemania as I can’t see the group being successful as a team in the long run.

WWE Divas Championship

Champion Charlotte vs Natalya

Winner: Charlotte

A classic house show title match. No story line needed. They just needed a Canadian star to battle for a title in a special event in Canada. Hoping they would give the divas enough time to put on a good match, like they used to do in the earlier days of the NXT revolution.

Brock Lesnar vs Bray Wyatt

Winner: Brock Lesnar

What was supposed to be a big Wrestlemania match for Bray got demoted to a Netwrok special, with no Raw encounter to hype the bout. Hopefully, they let Bray get some offense in. This won’t be a job match like Brock vs Kofi in Tokyo. I hope that Bray could do better than Big Show in MSG or Sheamus in another house show against Brock.

WWE World Heavyweight Match

Champion HHH vs Dean Ambrose

Winner: HHH

The dream Wrestlemania main event for most fans got demoted in a network special. It is what it is. Yes, this is a roadblock to Wrestlemania, but roadblocks can be overcome, or you could just run them over. I don’t think they would shock the Wrestling world and throw the Wrestlemania card in disarray just a few weeks before Wrestlemania. But I am expecting a very good match, maybe even a classic between the two. Dean would get a couple of close calls to excite everyone. Who knows, maybe we can get a Dusty (RIP) finish like what Dean did against Seth Rollins during a network special last year. It is a shame that the Roadblock main event would be better than the Wrestlemania Main event.


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