WWE TLC then post- Raw Analysis (SPOILERS ALERT)

WWE TLC then post- Raw Analysis (SPOILERS ALERT)

WWE Tag Team title triple-threat Ladder Match:

Champions The New Day defeated The Usos and Calisto and Sin Cara

Prediction: Correct

This was a very good tag team ladder match! The New Day is now very much over with the fans. Who would have thought that Kofi would have evolved into an entertaining heel after being a generic baby face for the longest time. Hopefully, we can have a good tag team title match for Wrestlemania.

Russev beats Ryback

Prediction: Correct

Not much to say about this match.

United States Champion Alberto Del Rio defeated Jack Swagger in a Chairs match.

This was an ok match; the time of the year when Swagger gets a push that would get nowhere soon.

The Wyatts defeated Team ECW in a tables elimination match

Prediction: Correct

It’s a good thing they let the Wyatt’s beat team ECW. They can’t afford to lose this one. Not that good of a match, the story telling was pretty hazy.

Dean Ambrose defeated Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens to win the Intercontinental Championship

Prediction: Wrong

I was so glad to be wrong! What a match. Haven’t been this happy in weeks. I really needed that. So thank you.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus defeated Roman Reigns in a TLC match

The crowd was pretty much dead during the beginning of the match. This was a solid kick ass match with both wrestlers taking solid bumps. Maybe, there was just an X-factor missing. But this match was all about what happened after the match…

Yung mabuti kang tao at may pangarap ka. Malinis naman ang hangarin mo. Pero lagi ka na lang pinaglalaruan ng tadhana. Iniisip mo, darating pa ba ang #TamangPanahon ? Kaya ayun, napikon ka na, at nagwala ka na lang! Tama lang naman ang ginawa ni Roman Reigns. Sobrang frustrated na siya sa situation eh. Nakakaawa talaga siya. And with that, we have a babyface that the people can relate to, that the people can rally behind. Which brings us to next night’s Raw.

Roman Reigns defeated WWE World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Congratulations Roman Reigns. You deserve it. Dumating na din ang #TamangPanahon !


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