WWE Hell in a Cell Preview

WWE Hell in a Cell Predictions

Kick off match:

6-man tag team match

Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville vs King Barret, Sheamus and Russev

Prediction: Team Face wins

This was supposed to be Dean Ambrose and Randy Orton vs The Wyatts, but Orton suffered an injury. This is a rematch of last Raw;s 6-man tag match which the heels won. I think the face team will win this PPV. Such a shame they wanted Orton and Ambrose to work the pre-show, then now Dolph is stuck at the pre-show. At least, with Sheamus having the first match, that opens the possibility of him cashing in later that night, though I doubt if he will cash it in this PPV. Perhaps, it is not yet #SaTamangPanahon

Intercontinental Championship Match

Champion Kevin Owens vs Ryback

Prediction: Kevin Owens wins

This is probably the easiest match to predict. It is time to end this feud and put Owens with a good worker so Owens can give us the classic IC title matches that we deserve.

Divas Championship Match

Champion Charlotte vs Nikki Bella

Prediction: Charlotte wins

I can’t see Charlotte losing her title in just a month. Expect Charlotte to win this match, and hopefully, end this feud, for now. We need new challengers to the Divas title; we need a storyline for that belt that doesn’t involve the Bella’s.

We want Sasha! We want Sasha!

WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Champions The New Day vs The Dudley boys

Prediction: New Day Retains

This is hard to predict. Some would say the Dudleys couldn’t afford to fail again. But I have a feeling they want to prolong this feud a little longer. Personally, I want the Dudley’s to win it in a TLC match, though the TLC PPV is still a few months away. Let’s just wait and see.

The John Cena US Open Challenge

Prediction: Tyler Breeze wins the US title

This is the first US Open challenge during a PPV. Tyler debuted in the main roster last Smackdown. Time to push him to the moon! I’m a huge Prince Pretty fan; I really think he is future WWE World Heavyweight Champion material. A win over Cena in his main roster PPV debut should make wonders for him, like it did Kevin Owens.

Hell in a Cell Match

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

Winner: Roman Reigns

Again, it is time to end this feud. Both of the deserve better. Sometimes, you just need to end things, and believe that you deserve better.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match

Champion Seth Rollins vs Kane

Prediction: Seth Rollins win

They can choose to prolong this feud. But let’s hope not. Rollins needs to beat Kane. I doubt if they would allow Seth to pick up a clean win over Demon Kane, this version of Kane is pretty much the peak form monster Kane we all know and love since the attitude era during the late 90s. Seth needs a new challenger for the next PPV.

Hell in a Cell Match

Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

Prediction: Brock Lesnar wins

Brock Lesnar needs to win this trilogy. This is the end of the feud, hopefully. Seth Rollins reign feels like Cm Punk’s reign, when it was all about a part timer, The Rock, getting the main attention. I expect this to be an entertaining match.

Raw Notes:

I love the Shawn Michaels- Seth Rollins promo. Seth said that he is HBK version 2.0, only so much better. And he was a fan, from the Rockers, to DX, to all the classic Wrestlemania moments, but Seth himself had a great Wrestlemania moment as well. HBK said, that if he had a nickel for every time there is a “next Shawn Michaels”, he would be a Billionaire by now. And it is true. People are obsessed in finding the “Next Shawn Michaels”. From Y2J to CM Punk, and now Seth Rollins, to those tag teams when someone would say “you are the Jannety of our team” which the Miz and John Morrison used. To Prince Pretty Tyler Breeze using the early 90s HBK gimmick. Every not so big guy, with a good look, with charisma, and some skills, would be hype as the next HBK. But as HBK said, he never wanted to be a version 2 of anyone; he was too busy being the greatest wrestler of all time.


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