WWE Night of Champions Analysis

WWE Night of Champions Analysis

Cosmic Wasteland beats Neville and Lucha Dragons

Prediction: Correct

Time to push Cody Rhodes and The Ascension. But with that said, Neville needs better stories also. He just can’t be a random face mid-carder that can give an entertaining high-flying match. Granted, it took Jeff Hardy and the Hardy’s a while to be legit stars. Neville got what it takes to take on a bigger role.

Kevin Owens beats Ryback to be the new Intercontinental title

Prediction: Correct

The workhorse title is now with a great worker. The match was ok, it’s no classic for Owen’s standard but its good for a Ryback match, credit Owens for that. Hoping for a meaningful IC title run for Owens. The type where we can look back and consider him a great Intercontinental title, like with Bret, HBK, Mr. Perfect, Razor Ramon and the likes.

Dolph Ziggler beats Russev

Prediction: Correct

This was a pretty good match. I wonder how long they can prolong this feud without Lana. The love triangle story is fine but they deserve better.

Dudleys defeated New Day by DQ

Prediction: Correct

I predicted that the New Day would retain. They need to prolong this feud for a bit. I won’t be surprise if the Dudleys win the title in the next PPV via a table match but then again, a curveball is very possible.

Charlotte defeated Nikki Bella to win the Divas title

Prediction: Correct

As expected, Charlotte won the Divas title. I was surprised with the story telling of this match. They made Charlotte have a kayfabe knee injury, turning her from the favorite to the underdog for this match. But in the end, Charlotte applied the figure 8 to, in a way, give the 17th World title to the Flair family. What a great moment for father and daughter.

The Wyatt Family defeated Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho

Prediction: Correct

I was pleasantly surprised with the return of Y2J. This was a pretty good match. Good storytelling. Protect the monster, at least, for now. Some are saying that there is a possibility of an Y2J heel turn, if he returns full-time (or return for a while).

John Cena defeated Seth Rollins to win the United States title

Prediction: Wrong

Another great match between the two. I was hoping Rollins would pull of a Y2J and beat 2 legends at the same night but Super Cena wins again. With the win, Cena is just one US title reign away from tying Flair. So he is chasing both the World and US records of Falir.

Seth Rollins defeated Sting to retain the WWE World Title

Prediction: Right

As expected, they made Cena beat up Rollins, making it realistic for Sting to pull off the win. The match was longer and actually better than what I expected. I’m glad they let Rollins get the clean win, even though it’s just a roll up. In a way, it’s bad for Sting to lose this way, he can’t even beat a beat up Rollins, but Rollins can’t lose this way. Sheamus, as expected, tried to cash in. but the Big Red Machine Kane returned. Kane chokeslammed both Rollins and Sheamus. Expect Rollins vs Kane for the WWE World title for the next PPV.

Overall, an ok ppv. Some good matches, some good story telling, but there is just something missing. That is sad, when you come to think about it.


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