WWE Night of Champions Predictions

WWE Night of Champions Predictions

Neville and the Lucha Dragons vs the Cosmic Wasteland

Prediction: Cosmic Wasteland

It is time to push Stardust and the Ascension and having them win a PPV match against Neville is a good way to start. Lucha Dragons won’t get the push anyways. I still believe in the Ascension, and an eventual Main event run by Cody Rhodes.

United States Champion Seth Rollins vs John Cena

Prediction: Seth Rollins

This is the first of two (or three?) title defenses for Seth Rollins. I think Rollins can pull this of. Not sure if they will allow him to beat Cena clean, but a rollup win would do. The should protect Rollins, but at the same time, give the mystique that a mid 50’s Sting can win the WWE World title, hence Cena must beat up Rollins. Maybe this match would be in the 15-minute range, and this could be an opener or near the opener.

WWE World Tag Team Champions the New Day vs The Dudley Boys

Prediction: Title retain

The Dudleys will regain the WWE tag team title, but not for this PPV. They will extend this feud. The New Day is very entertaining. Expect the Dudleys to win the belts in the next PPV, perhaps in a table match.

Dolph Ziggler vs Russev

Prediction: Dolph Ziggler

Too bad Lana got injured, halting the momentum of this entertaining mid-card feud. I wonder how long they can extend this feud without Lana.

Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and a mystery partner vs the Wyatts

Prediction: The Wyatts

Who will be the third man? Certainly, this is no Hulk Hogan to the NWO (which never happened according to the WWE). Rumors had it that the Rock might be a surprise. Maybe it could be Orton. But the Wyatts need the win. Bray needs the win. Braun can’t lose for the meantime; he is the typical monster heel. Maybe he can reach Kane/Big Show peak level, or maybe he can be the Great Khali minus a World title reign, but right now, WWE needs to keep him unbeatable.

Divas Champion Nikki Bella vs Charlotte

Prediction: Charlotte

Nikki is the longest reigning Diva’s Champion of all time. Now that she got the record, time for her to drop the belt. Wooo!

Intercontinental Champion Ryback vs Kevin Owens

Prediction: Kevin Owens

The IC strap is the workrate title. Time to give it to a great worker like Owens. Fight Owens Fight! Fight Owens Fight!

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins vs Sting

Prediction: Seth Rollins

Once upon a time, Sting was the best wrestler never to be in the WWE. Now, he should be the best wrestler to wrestle in the WWE but never win the WWE title. Sting doesn’t need the belt. The face (paint) of WCW doesn’t need the WWE title. Rollins needs the win. It would help his legacy to beat two legends at the same night, the same way Chris Jericho defeated The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin at the same night to be the first ever Undisputed WWE champion. Rollins can reach the Orton/Edge/Y2J level of champions, great championship level wrestlers. This is the way to do it. And might as well have Sheamus cash in and Rollins will beat him also!


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