WWE NXT Take Over, Summerslam and Post-SummerSlam Raw Analysis

WWE NXT Take Over, Summerslam and Post-SummerSlam Raw Analysis

NXT Take Over

Jushin “Thunder” Liger defeated Tyler Breeze

Prediction: Wrong

I was hoping that Tyler to be put over, but they let the legend beat the young NXT superstar. I am a huge Prince Pretty fan. He is a future WWE World Heavyweight champion! Yes, I said that!

The Vaudevillians defeated Blake and Murphy to be the new NXT Tag Team Champions

Prediction: Wrong

The Vaudevillians has been around in NXT for a while. It is nice to see them as the NXT tag team champions.

Apollo Crews defeated Tye Dillinger in his WWE NXT television debut

Prediction: Correct

I won’t be surprise if Apollo wins the NXT title by this year, and be on the main roster next year.

Samoa Joe beat Baron Corbin

Prediction: Wrong

I was expecting they let Corbin get a huge win against the former TNA World Champion. I hope they utilize Samoa right. This is the reason why AJ Styles may never be a WWE Superstar.

Bayley defeated Sasha Banks to be the New NXT Womens champion

Prediction: Right

As expected, the torch has been passed, as the 3 NXT divas call-ups graduate from NXT. A great match. After the match, with the Klique in attendance, and in the same city where the Klique broke kayfabe to revolutionize the business, the 4 horsewomen of NXT did their own curtain call. What great moment! With all due respect to Paige, Sasha Banks is the best diva in the WWE.

Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens in a ladder match to retain the NXT title

Prediction: Right

As expected, this was the graduation of Kevin Owens, as Balor solidify his claim to be the man of the developmental roster. Another great match. Summerslam had its share of classic ladder matches, from HBK-Razor 2 to the HHH vs the Rock, and Balor and Owens put up a great ladder match on the eve of Summerslam. NXT is in good hands with Finn Balor.


Sheamus defeated Randy Orton

Prediction: Wrong

They need better stories for the two of them.

The New Day won the Fatal Four way to win the tag team titles

Prediction: Wrong

I was expecting the Prime Time Players to retain; it is a fatal four way anyways so it is easy to save face. But I am glad that the New Day won. They are a very entertaining group.

Dolph Ziggler and Russev battled to a double countout

Prediction: NA

They want to prolong the feud. I expect a mix tag match down the road.

Neville and Stephen Amel defeated Stardust and King Barrett

Prediction: Right

Stephen Amel can go. He did his few moves well, he sold his beating well, and he had a nice top rope move. Solid entertaining celebrity match, one of the better celebrity matches in years.

Ryback defeated Big Show and The Miz to retain the Intercontinental championship

Prediction: Wrong

I am a Miz fan, so I was hoping for another Miz IC title run. But sometimes, to hope for something that you want is not a good thing.

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose defeated Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper

Prediction: Wrong

I was hoping for a turn, for a swerve, but it didn’t happen. Nice chemistry by Shield lite.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins defeated US Champion John Cena to win both titles

Prediction: Right

I was surprised that this match went relatively early. I was thinking this would be second to the last, or third to the last (with an in between bridge match). This was another great Seth Rollins match. The man is a 5-star match machine, though this can’t be considered a 5-star match no thanks to the botches of Super Cena. I marked out when Rollins went out with an all-white attire. In the end, Jon Stewart interfered, to give Rollins the win and both titles.

The Bellas won the divas three-way match

Prediction: Wrong

The NXT women matches are way better. That is the problem. And please, push Sasha Banks!

Kevin Owens defeated Cesaro

Prediction: Right

It was a very good match but people just expected more from them. A must win for Owens.

Undertaker defeated Brock Lesnar

Prediction: Right

What an unbelievable kick ass match! Taker proved that he could still go. It was an unbelievable moment when taker tapped, but the ref did not see it. Taker low blow Brock, then put him in the hell’s gate, then Brock passed out. I expect a trilogy, perhaps in Survivor Series.

Overall, a good Summerslam, and I am glad that is finally live on fox, and not a 10-minute delay by the main event.

Notes on post summerslam raw

People like to hype the post-wrestlemania raw. It is like the beginning of the new season. But this post-summerslam raw delivered. The Dudleys returned. Flair showed up, and Jon Stewart got AA. But the biggest story? The return of Sting! It is Sting vs Rollins for the WWE World title at Night of champions! Talk about a curve ball!


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