WWE Battle Ground Results and Analysis (SPOILERS ALERT)

WWE Battle Ground Results and Analysis (SPOILERS ALERT)

Kickoff Show:

King Barret vs R-Truth

Result: King Barret Wins

Prediction: Right

Hopefully, this is the end of this feud. Barret really needs this win. Time to push him back to mid-card (semi) relevance.

Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Result: Randy Orton Wins

Prediction: Right

Orton got the hometown win against the Money in the bank winner. This really won’t hurt Sheamus. Seth Rollins did not dominate during his Money in the Bank run. He even lost to Orton clean, before winning the World title at the same night. During his first Money in the Bank reign, CM Punk lost to William Regal cleanly, via submission, in the King of the Ring Tournament Finals. Let’s see what’s the plan for Orton for Summerslam. Maybe he can answer the US Open Challenge? No need for a scheduled Summerslam bout for Sheamus. Orton did not have a scheduled match during the Summerslam that he cashed in his MITB.

WWE World Tag Team Championship Match

Champions Prime Time Players vs The New Day

Results: Prime Time Players wins to retain the titles

Prediction: Correct

This is another good tag team title match. But I think the Prime Time Players will lose the tag team titles at Summerslam. The tag team scene needs a lot of work but at least it is improving. As long as the tag team belt gets consistently defended in quality matches, they would be fine.

Roman Reigns vs Bray Wyatt

Results: Bray Wyatt wins

Prediction: Wrong

My only wrong prediction for the card. A pretty good match; Wyatt needed the win while a man in a hoodie interfered, making Reigns save face even after a loss. That man was Luke Harper. I guess the band is back together. A possible tag team encounter between 2/3rd of the Shield and 2/3rds of the Wyatt Family is a possibility.

Triple Threat Divas Match

Charlotte defeated Brie Bella and NXT Womens Champion Sasha Banks

This is a bonus match to showcase the new and improved Divas division of the WWE Main Brand. There is one representative for each team, Team Bellas, Team Paige and Team Bad. This was a quality match. The NXT girls proved that they could wrestle better than their WWE counterparts. This matched also showed that Nikki is better than Brie. And even though Brie has improved, the Bellas are no match, in-ring wise, compared to the new girls in the block. I expect a huge Divas title match at Summerslam, but I am still expecting they let Nikki break AJ Lee’s record, for obvious reasons.

United States Title Match

Champion John Cena vs Kevin Owens

Winner: John Cena by submission to retain the US title

Prediction: Correct

I took the safe route here and just predicted a Cena title retention, which he did. Another great match between Cena and Owens to conclude this classic trilogy. I just don’t get it, they made Owens look so strong by surviving three AA’s, including one from the second rope, only to tap out to end this feud (for now). What’s next? How about a Fatal Four way match at Summerslam between Cena, Owens, Russev and Cesaro? The US title is prestigious once again, thanks to Cena (he did this before with the big gold belt, when that belt was being relagted to the “super Intercontinental title” mode). The belt is prestigious because the top star holds it, but Cena has nothing to prove anymore as a US champion. It is time for a new US champion at Summerslam!

The MIz-Big show Promo

I would have predicted the Miz to win the triple-threat Intercontinental Title match, but Ryback got injured so it was cancelled. So we got a short promo, a filler; before the main event. The Big Show delivered the KO blow to his former “ShowMiz” partner. I was thinking of Ambrose entering the IC title scene, though he might just help his old Shield brother Roman Reigns in a feud with the reunited Wyatt Family.

WWE World heavyweight Championship

Champion Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar

Results: Seth Rollins retains the title

Prediction: Correct

I played it safe here, and I was right. Seth Rollins did retain his WWE Heavyweight Championship of the World. As expected, Brock Lesnar dominated this match, as he went full suplex city bitch mode. Rolllins got a bit of offense, but Brock was just too much. After an F5, the light went out, and everyone knew what was coming. This was spoiled all over the internet for weeks, but it is still a great moment. The Undertaker proceeded to turn suplex city into a chokeslam and Tombstone City. This sets up a match between Taker and Lesnar at Summerlsma. Taker wants revenge for the WM streak, and for his baby brother! There are also rumors of Sting being there for Summerslam, to set up Sting vs Taker at WM 32.

Overall, a very good PPV! Another classic Cena mid-card title bout, wait, what? Yes, the past few months, Cena has been delivering pretty much the best match of just about every raw, and the last 3 PPV’s. HE. CAN. WRESTLE. And of course, a great moment with the return of the Undertaker! It is a good thing that Summerslam in 5 weeks away, and not just 3 weeks. More time to laid out the foundation for a major PPV. We are on the road to Summerslam! Highway to hell!

PV. We are on the road to Summerslam! Highway to hell!


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