WWE Money in the Bank Analysis

WWE Money in the Bank Analysis

Money in the Bank Match

Roman Reigns vs Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler vs Neville vs Sheamus vs Kane vs Randy Orton

Winner: Sheamus

Prediction: Wrong

Roman Reigns was the heavy favorite to win this match. With that said, it was kinda expected that the WWE would threw a curveball and not make him the winner. Roman Reigns was on his way of winning this match, before Bray Wyatt interfered, setting up a feud for them for Battleground. Sheamus was a surprise winner. With now just one WWE World title belt, its hard for me to imagine Sheamus as the the champ, his reigns as WWE/World Champ were not exactly memorable, just one of those champions together with Alberto Del Rio and Dolph Ziggler that was far from the Edge and Randy Orton level of champions. I think Sheamus will eventually cash in successfully, and not be the third man to fail, though John Cena being the first to fail doesn’t really count, and in a weird way, that just adds to his immense “accomplishments”.

Divas Championship match

Champion Nikki Bella defeated Paige

Prediction: Correct

It was an entertaining match for me. The Bella’s Twin Magic almost backfired on them. I love the way how Brie showed the ref that she is not Nikki. I expect Nikki to retain the title for the next few PPV’s.

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Big Show defeated Ryback by disqualification

Prediction: Well, I did predict Ryback to retain the IC title.

The Miz interfered in this match to end the bout in a DQ. Expect the three of them to compete in a triple-threat match for the IC title for the next PPV.

United States Champion John Cena defeated NXT Champion Kevin Owens

Prediction: Correct

What a great match! Lot’s of great moves, holds and counter-holds. Cena can indeed wrestler, when he is against a great worker. The darling of the indies and Super Cena did it again. Can’t wait for the deciding match of this impending trilogy, perhaps then can delay it for Summerslam. There are rumors that Cena might cost Owens the NXT title to setup a US title match between the two of them. Now, that would be hard to predict, its hard to imagine Cena actually losing this feud, but Owens as the US champion makes a lot of sense. Fight Owens Fight! Fight Owens Fight!

Tag Team championship match:

The Prime Time Players defeated The New Day for the tag team titles.

Prediction: Wrong

What an upset! I am happy for the Prime Time Players, after years of toiling in the lower rungs of the company, they are finally the tag team champions. I wonder what is next for the New Day.

Ladder Match

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

Champion Seth Rollins defeated Dean Ambrose

Prediction: Right

A very good match! Unfortunately, the crowd was a bit dead during the earlier parts of the match. Why? Because it was in Ohio, during game 5 of the NBA finals! The 4th quarter was at the same time of the main event. The crowd was probably checking their phones for the scores, and as their title hopes starts to evaporate, the WWE World title match went underway. Fortunately, the crowd eventually came alive. Rollins even made fun of Cleveland the following night on Raw This was another classic from two great workers. Not really that much a clean win for Rollins, the ending was quite controversial. It looked like a draw to me. But good for Rollins to get a win without the help of the authority and a nice touch for HHH to support his protégé before and after the match. Up next, Rollins vs Brock Lesnar for the WWE World title at Battleground. Should be another great match!

Overall, a good PPV. The three main events pretty much delivered. Well, maybe the MITB match could have been better, but its always an exciting concept. The Cena-Owens had a big fight feel while the World title match was indeed worthy of a PPV caliber match for a WWE title. I expect the next PPV to be a good one as well.


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