WWE Money in the Bank Predictions

Intercontinental Championship Match:

Champion Ryback vs The Big Show

Winner: Ryback

Classic Big Show, he can be put it any storyline, any time. Need a main eventer to challenge for the World Title? Need a Giant heel to punish a face that doesn’t bow down to the authority? Face turn? Heel turn? Mid-card? Big Show is the man for the job. I don’t see Ryback losing the IC title in just 2 weeks, especially if the WWE really wants to bring the prestige of the IC title back. This suck may or may not suck. Low expectations for this match, work rate wise, so it might turn out to be an OK match. Is Big Show still with the Authority? Does it matter?

Divas championship match:

Champion Nikki Bella vs Paige

Winner: Nikki Bella

Twin Magic is back! Though if any guy can’t tell the twins apart, then, something is seriously wrong with that dude. I expect Nikki to continue her long title reign. Heck, her boyfriend is fine being in the (technically) mid-card; maybe this is the reward for that.

Tag Team Title Match:

Champions New Day vs Prime time players

Winner: The New Day

Again, I don’t see the New Day dropping the titles this early. With Kofi in the MITB match; this will be Big E and Xavier Woods defending the straps (though I don’t see Kofi and Xavier defending it, I see the powerhouse Big E defending the title all the time). God to see the Prime Time Players getting some love, but I think they might just be a but short. Hopefully, for the Prime Time Players sake, this would be an unclean win. Nice to see Kofi getting some singles push as well after the heel turn. MITB match and a match against Brock Lesnar in the WWE Network exclusive Japan show.

Champion vs Champion

NXT Champion Kevin Owens vs US Champion John Cena

Winner: John Cena

John Cena will get his to revenge to set up the Summerslam rubber match, where he might just burry Kevin Owens. Fine, that is not really a correct statement. Kuddos to Cena for jobbing to Owens clean during the last PPV; he does what’s best for business. I expect this to be another entertaining kick-ass match. Apparently, this is non-title once again; even though both of them defend their respective belts a lot on TV. Maybe, the rubber match will be title vs title, or one of them cost the other one their title before the rubber match.

Money in the Bank Match

Roman Reigns vs Kane vs Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler vs Neville vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus

Winner: Roman Reigns

This is a bit tricky. Roman Reigns is not the type of guy that needs the MITB to win his first world title. The route of winning the Royal Rumble then winning your 1st World title at Wrestlemania suited him well, before WWE pulled the plug on that one. But who else can win MITB? It’s too early for Neville; the fans may turn on him. Randy doesn’t need it, he can contend for the title anytime. Kane and Kofi won’t win it. Will the WWE ever give Dolph the chance? Sheamus got a chance, but I’m picking Reigns over him. Let’s see if the WWE Universe supports MITB Reigns, they did not support Royal Rumble Winner Reigns.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

Champion Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

Winner: Seth Rollins

I can see Dean Ambrose as a future World Champ. Maybe this year, maybe In a year or two, but not for this PPV. I really think Rollins should still be champion, at least by Summerslam. I expect this to be a good match, but not a clean one. Hopefully, in the future, we can get a clean 5-star World title match between this two. There is a possibility of a heel turn for Reigns, or him cashing it in on the same night like what Kane did. How about Dean winning it then Reigns cashing it in? It is expected that Brock would challenge for the title at Summerslam so hopefully, they reserve the Shield triple-threat World title match at Wrestlemania. Too think I wanted a Shield triple threat US title match at Wrestlemania 30, haha.


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