WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

WWE Elimination Chamber Predictions

Tag Team Championship Elimination Match

Champions The New Day vs The Ascension, Tyson Kidd and Cesaro, Prime Time Players, Lucha Dragons, Los Matadores

This is the first tag team elimination chamber match in history. I don’t see the New Day dropping the tag team titles this early. Though dropping the belts in kind of environment is a “save face” way of losing the straps, the New Day are gaining momentum as an entertaining heel tag team champs, and I expect them to remain the champions for the new few PPV’s. I am glad that the Ascension is finally getting a title shot, even if in a 6-way match. Eventually, I can see the Meta Powers get a title shot, if the WWE allows them to win a match or two against the above mentioned tag team challengers.

Neville vs Bo Dallas

Winner: Neville

Surprisingly, Bo Dallas is getting a push. Well, sort of. Good for him. This is one of the earlier feuds of NXT, when they are already gaining traction as an alternative show. Of course, nowadays, NXT can be considered as a brand of its own, and a lot of die hard wrestling fans considers it as the best wrestling show in the world. Neville is selling a kayfabe knee injury, thanks to Bo Dallas. They might try to slow down the match a bit because of that, and use ring psychology and story telling instead. Or maybe they will speed up the match anyways, we just need to watch to find out. This can be a good match, if the bookers give them a chance. The last PPV match of Barret and Neville was a dud, thanks to poor booking. Hopefully, Neville can be consistent in his appearances and in the booking in the PPVs.

Intercontinental Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Sheamus, King Barret, Russev, Dolph Ziggler, Ryback, R-truth

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

This is for the vacant Intercontinental Championship, the first time this championship will be contested inside the belly of the beast. Sheamus is the favorite to win this one, but I want to follow my heart and pick the showoff, Dolph Ziggler. The team up with Lana has potential. A feud with Russev down the road might be good for Dolph. There are rumors that Russev is injured though, and that Bray Wyatt might replace him.

Triple Threat Match for the Divas Championship

Champion Nikki Bella vs Paige vs Naomi

Winner: Nikki Bella

A lot are picking Naomi to win this one but I think the triple threat set up can be used for Nikki to retain without hurting, at least, not that much, the credibility of Naomi and Paige. Maybe, WWE can wait a little longer, and Naomi can assume the top of the division in a major PPV like Summerslam.

Champion vs Champion

US Champion John Cena vs NXT Champion Kevin Owens

Winner: Kevin Owens

Apparently, this is a non-title match. So Cena defends the belt pretty much every Raw, then in a PPV, he is a non-title match. Although, this is a champion vs champion match, and logic that might be used is that to be fair, both champions won’t put up their respective straps. Owens has been disrespecting the US belt anyways. This is the ultimate Sports Entertainer vs Professional Wrestler showdown. I am picking Owens to win. Cena doesn’t need to win, any loss, any relatively weak showing against those random mid-carders during his open challenge, can’t hurt the legacy of Super Cena. Owens needs to remain strong, especially going into the feud with Samoa Joe. I can see a Samoa Joe- John Cena feud down the road; I won’t be surprise if it’s as early as Summerslam or as late as Survivor Series. Or he just might answer the US Open challenge on raw, or challenge him for the belt on a PPV. I expect this to be a very entertaining kick ass match.

WWE World Heavyweight Title Match

Champion Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose

Winner: Seth Rollins

It’s the elimination chamber PPV and the WWE World title will not be defended inside a chamber. Poor storylines so far for Rollins during his reign, but has been making up for it by giving really good matches. I expect this to be a 5-star match, or at least, a 4-star match with a non-convincing ending. Will Roman Reigns interfere and (accidentally) cost his shield brother the title? Will Kane and J&J security save Rollins again? Or, in a twist of sorts, the coward heel champion beats the face challenger fair and square. I expect Ambrose to win the MITB. I’m surprised Reigns is in the MITB match, I was expecting Reigns vs Rollins for the title in the next PPV. It would be interesting who will face Rollins next, if both of his ex shield mates enter the MITB match.


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